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Fall maple's cool yellow hot red fire.

Last week I posted on the many health benefits of getting your Whyte Nynsha on, and keeping mine rolling at least once a month through till next summer. ¬†October is still here, and already there is one Whyte Nynsha sighting in the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife record book…

Hawai'i? Oregon? Alaska? Tokatee Falls on the beautiful Umpqua River. The 65 foot falls pours through amazing columnar basalt formations, cold, clear, powerful water. A nice little river front property there off to the left as well. Just the kind of place a Whyte Nynsha would reside.

Something like the elusive Sasquatch photos. Whyte Nynsha caught here in the moment, in the element, about to enter some very cold water.

Cold, blue, a cleansing blessing, baptism of clarity, feeling it all is easy when you are immersed in it.

Nature's sacred geometry, columnar basalt.

Where the wall of moss stands begins the way where River Mermaids and Whyte Nynshas discover a path through.

It doesn't all happen at once, still plenty of this around to cool the fiery foliage.



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